Company Administration

To be successful in today's world of business demands strict adherence to numerous administration rules and guidelines.

SoMango Services prides itself on its motivated team of specialists dedicated to providing high quality administration services. Our clients can delegate all administrative tasks associated with accounting, payroll and legislative compliance to us thereby allowing them to focus their energies on strategic issues and their most profitable core activities.

Accounting Advisory Services

In the current climate of enhanced corporate governance requirements and increasing regulations, we are aware many entities are becoming increasingly cognisant of their obligations to meet financial reporting requirements in an independent manner. Reporting deadlines and timelines are becoming tighter. Simultaneously shareholders and stakeholders are demanding more quality and different financial information. Ensuring that the reporting entity meets these obligations in a timely manner and having the ability to oversee and control the related financial processes, both present a significant challenge in terms of resources and costs. SoMango Services has the breadth and depth of knowledge and technical expertise to help!

Audit and Assurance Services

Our assurance team is highly trained and committed to provide statutory and regulatory audits of the highest standards. We aim to exceed client expectations, by continuously reviewing our own effectiveness and efficiency, and by maintaining close communication with the client throughout the audit process. Through a broad range of innovative, high-quality and cost effective solutions we can help your business improve its financial control and regulatory reporting system. 

Technology Services

We offer outsourcing solutions at various levels, from simple PC level all the way up to enterprise level, including servers and networks. Our clients come from various sectors and with unique requirements, and we provide a solution to match – whether that’s full-time resources or simply complementary support. 

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